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Work together to fight the epidemic

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FORTE Packaging - condolences to the front-line staff in the fight against the epidemic

After entering January 2022, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shenzhen has suddenly become extremely severe, especially the entire Shuibei jewelry business circle has a wider coverage. Shuibei Wanshan is also included as a key area for epidemic prevention and control management in Luohu District as a closed and controlled area, but the party members of our Cuizhu Sub-district Office at all levels give full play to the exemplary leading role of party members, stand on the front line of anti-epidemic, united as one, and their determination is bound to be Win this battle against the epidemic.

According to the work arrangement for epidemic prevention and control in Luohu, the government organized multiple rounds of free nucleic acid testing for residents in the jurisdiction. In order to better provide more convenient nucleic acid sampling services for residents and employees in the jurisdiction, the Cuizhu Community Party Committee has set up nucleic acid testing in Shuibei No. 1 Plaza. check Point. Because of the huge number of people undergoing nucleic acid testing, it is really very hard for the staff, and many people are in continuous operation. Although this is the case, we have no complaints whether it is medical staff, community personnel, public security police, volunteers, etc., and devote ourselves to the anti-epidemic work wholeheartedly.

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